GIG Tour The biggest virtual tour ever !



Virtual tour features:

  • Full screen, HD, 360 * 360 tour
  • live Google interactive maps
  • custom floor plan with 3D push pins & radar
  • add mp3, Music or narration
  • add custom logo / branding
  • tour links to any webpage
  • Smartphone /tablet compatible
  • upload to any MLS portal
  • info bin and custom hotspot
  • custom buttons to link to anything

Virtual Tour is the leading rich media solutions provider for professional managers and marketing departments!
We make it easy and affordable to include top quality visual enhancements to your property and marketing.
Giga Space is a simulation of an existing location
Giga Space allows visitors using a or a to take a virtual, self-guided, room-by-room walking tour of the entire place.
You can even browse a list of the locations or rooms, which is included on the map.  The visitor can navigate from location  to location by clicking map locations or by following arrow links
Giga Space can allow a user to view an environment whilst online or offline. Currently a variety of industries use such technology to market their product and services.
a Giga Space must be accessible from everywhere. The major solution is a web-based Giga Space. In addition, a rich and useful Giga Space is not just a series of panoramic pictures, a better experience can be obtained by viewing a variety of materials (options, choices) such as videos, texts, maps and still pictures in an interactive web content.
Giga Space in websites allows the user to navigate the tours by clicking on maps or integrated floor plan

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